Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Friday, March 15, 2013


March is officially half over, I cannot believe how time moves so swiftly forward. It has been a couple of months now that I have just the one shop to manage. At first, it did not seem too much different for me as the piles on my desk were still equally as high.  I later realized that now, at least I only had ONE desk to contend with. What I have noticed is that alongside getting more shop samples done, I am now getting some long neglected tasks at home done, well…… not done, but at least making a valiant effort.
The first thing I tackled was my sewing room.
I am a bit embarrassed at how bad it got, in my very weak defense, we did have lots of "business" to do with the sale of Decorah to Red-Roxy, we also had the winter holidays in there, spent a week in LV at Kaye's Quilting College, was sick with the flu/cough/bug for what seemed like a month……… that is likely enough, you get my drift....
HERE IS THE BEFORE ------------------------------------ BRACE YOURSELF!!!
No additional words or captions needed…. 
You can see the area around my 830 is a bit cleared away (out of necessity) so I can sew, be assured, the mess was simply shifted to an adjacent area….
Now for the after – mind you, the INSIDES of the drawers have not yet been touched – that will be for a later blog post……
It was a Monday,  I had the day to work at home, and promptly after Tom left for work at about 7:15 AM.  I entered the room and declared war on the mess. 
At 3:30 in the afternoon I was at the point that I PLANNED on being at at 11:30 AM.  By 8:00 PM that same evening I had to call it a day, I was close to the end but decided to finish the rest later.  And I didIMG_0850…..
IMG_0847IMG_0846IMG_0848IMG_0849IMG_0851IMG_0852IMG_0853IMG_0908IMG_0909IMG_0910IMG_0911IMG_0912 The above photo is a wonderful floor to ceiling quilt rack my friend Ken Shores made for me, I love it! (also ALL the cabinetry in the room and the specially made shelves above the windows, as well my own personal slat wall, I love it ALL!). 
Empty you say?  Yes it is.  The bottom quilts are my Mom’s antique plus others with hand embroidery and sewn by her – the rest went to the outlet!  I will show you a photo when I fill it up again, it is awesome!
So there you have it.
A little visit to my sewing room at its absolute worse and at it’s “almost” best!
I am trying to stay more organized and “focused”, but we all know creative personalities are sometimes messy….
I rest my case…..