Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Young sewists..... no "home ec" class anymore...

Remember when EVERYONE had to take a semester of HOME EC and it always included sewing?  It is sad but true hardly any schools even include a sewing machine, let alone a class.  Kudos, to those few that do still see the value of knowing some sewing basics!  At PNQS we are doing our part to keep them sewing :)

This last week we offered sewing pillowcases to the younger crowd and they LOVED IT!  Most are coming back next month and begging for a machine!

From Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations
Thanks to our "teacher" Donna in Rochester and Megan in Decorah !  Do you know of a youngster (must be 9 years old) that would like to learn? 

October class is making a bag!!

November they will make a Christmas Stocking!!

Everything is furnished including the sewing machines!

Join us for VIP and Sew That!

Exciting events we don't want you to miss!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Do you have stash or scraps in your sewing journey? Silly question isn't it :)

A couple of years ago PNQS launched a very successful Scrap Therapy program - we sorted and cut and worked through tons of scraps.  Many of you have been asking for a repeat.

Last January while attending Kaye's Quilting College, a fellow quilt shop owner and friend from Indiana introduced me something I had not heard of.  I was intrigued.  Later, at home I tried it, found that it worked wonderfully right along with our Scrap Therapy and boxes of 2", 3.5" and 5" squares already cut and ready to go.  BUT ---  now we will add various sizes of STRIPS to the mix!!  For this first quilt, the rules were simple - LIGHTS AND DARKS....

 Bonnie K. Hunter is the genious behind the method, and I can tell you she is really on to something here!  You make more quilts in less time - and use up all those leftover pieces and strips!!
String Fling is her latest book and Adventures in Leaders and Enders is another favorite! Both books available at the shops.
From left over jelly roll strips and other leftover fabrics I cut tons and tons (840 to be exact) half square triangles.  Used Nifty Notions Quilt for a Cure half sqaure triangle with light and dark RST so these babies are ready to go right under my presser foot!
Put 4 together to make broken dish blocks.
My mom pressed all of my half squares for me - she pressed them all open!  They went together like a dream.
BTW - I press to dark side. :)
Sew the broken dishes together making the same block alternating the darks and the lights.  Can you tell that I had years worth of Kansas Troubles scraps and stash?????
Lots and lots and lots............

Then on to the string pieced blocks - I found that I could make about 30 of these in an evening after supper.  Easy, mindless sewing....
I used the half square triangles as leaders and enders while strip piecing the string blocks.
Lots and lots of these too!
Things started to go together like this.
And then a pattern emerges....
After all the blocks are sewn together - we add a scrap border with more assorted scraps all in darks!
I need to get a better picture than this - the quilt is at the shop and alas, I am at home - will post the completed quilt in a later :)
It is stunning!  All make of leftovers, nothing bigger than on eighth of a yard in this 84x96 quilt. 
I had a laundry basket FULL of scraps and used them all plus more!!
This is just ONE of many choices for you to make with squares and strips!  Limitless possibilites, while paring down your scraps and stash.  Piecing methods are great  keeping two projects going at all times for a second bonus quilt with leftovers!!
This class is going to be offered at BOTH PNQS locations beginning in October - you will start by cutting YOUR scraps and stash in class - we will have sewing demos and tips to send you home sewing.
Class will meet quarterly - after attending a cutting class bring your machines and sew with your friends and learn more new and exciting ways to more quilts in less time!!!