Monday, June 24, 2013

In the quilting queue...

Busy times - we just got back from a wonderful family vacation!
Yes, I do take a sewing machine on vacation with me!  I tend to get a bit stir crazy, especially if it is a rainy day.  I LOVE to go in the boat for leisurely ride but I do not like to fish  - so while some of the gang go fishing, I stay behind with some of the others that feel the same, mostly the little ones.  They explore and play and I sewed from the screened in porch.  It was great!
Below are a couple of quilts I made for the upcoming QUILT MN.  They are wrinkled from coming home in our much too full suitcase, I will press today and get them off to Lucy at O2B.  One is made with 2.5 inch strips and the other is a new variation of Turning 20.  Watch for a later post of the finished creations.

This is a great quilt with Stonhenge Aphrodite.  Wouldn't you know it I am SHORT for the last piece of mitered border.  Went into the shop and the entire bolt is already GONE!  Connie to the rescue ordering another bolt for me and YOU!

Here is August Patchability - available for pickup July 1.  Have to complete with applique and quilting.  The applique will make it look much better as all of the details of the lemons will be highlighted.

Snapsacks were so popular a couple of our years ago at both of our shops - you have been asking for these and our friend Joan Ford at Hummingbird Highway has some really cute ones.  This summer watermelon is going to be so cute! small quick to finish quilts kits with everything included except batting - once this is finished you can pick up in the shop or online!

 After a VERY LONG WINTER here in Minnesota - summer is finally off and running.  Enjoy, it always goes too, too quickly by!