Friday, May 30, 2014

Project Sewing Machine - Give & Get Back!

bernette Seville

Hello Happy Quilters -
 I am so pleased to be able to participate in the Give & Get Back for Project Sewing Machine again this year!  Last year my husband Tom and I were able to deliver over 30 machines to Margaret (she is the founder of PSM) in Madison Wisconsin.  Let's hope we can do as well again this year!  

 It all began with New Orleans hurricane Katrina; Margaret felt the need to help out those that had lost everything and being a quilter wanted to help replace some of the machines that had been lost.  She was surprised when she took the first trailer load to be delivered, there were folks lined up for blocks to get a machine.  PSM soon ran out, but she promised to return with more, and that is just what she did!

 Project Sewing Machine has grown over the years and Margaret and her team have successfully delivered hundreds and hundreds of sewing machines to Mexico, Sri Lanka, Kosovo as well as those in need right here at home.
 You see, when you donate a working machine, you are helping those less fortunate to learn a new skill and way to earn money to feed their families.

It is a gift of hope to so many, offering them a fighting chance to earn a  living by sewing and mending.

On the right is Margaret, she is such a wonderful gal, mending hearts and souls with sewing machines.

Last year my husband, Tom, loaded the crew cab to the top with sewing machines (there was not an inch of room to spare, he had to use the side mirrors as even the back window was covered) we had to put the overflow in the back of the pickup!  We delivered 32 new and used machines.

We are off on a road trip to Madison, Wisconsin, headquarters of Project Sewing Machine to meet up with Margaret to drop them off.

 We finally arrived late in the day, the room was beginning to fill with machines for the next shipments to folks waiting for machines.

 It was amazing and wonderful.

These machines will be such a blessing to so many!

       Margaret and Marcia.
 Such a worthwhile cause, thanks to YOU and other quilters across the miles...  we left with such admiration and pride!

                                      And...we got to spend the night and took an alternate route home, it was a beautiful road trip in SEW MANY WAYS!!

All of the staff at Pine Needles Quilt & Sew is proud to be a part of this monumental project - but it is successful only because you our dear friends and customers, it is YOU and others like you that make it so!!

Along with Bernina, PNQS is offering you the opportunity to donate a working machine and get back the lowest price allowed, up to 10% off our everyday low pricing on a new Bernina of your choice for this promotion.

Don't have a machine to donate?  You can purchase a new bernette 46 Seville for $199 to donate and still save hundreds of dollars on a brand new Bernina.  

bernette Seville

It is a WIN-WIN-WIN all the way around.

Want more information on Project Sewing Machine?  Check it out here!

This promotion goes through the middle of June - now is the time to donate your machine and get your new dream machine at the same time!  Learn more about Give & Get Back here!