Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year…in the quilting queue…


New year marks a time of new beginnings, not always meaning new project but sometimes new perspective on projects sitting in wait…  Do you know what I am talking about???

I have a few in my queue that I am resolving to finish ASAP in this new year!

IMG_0315.JPG (2) 

This is going to be a beauty, a simple sashed nine patch in buttery soft flannels.

IMG_0426.JPG (2)

Turning Twenty is always a go to – this is from book 10 and I want this for the wall in my bathroom (once we are done with it at the shop)

IMG_0432.JPG (2)

A Melon Block Quilt for a class I am teaching at the shop – make with Pat Sloans “Bobbins and Bits” batiks!


IMG_0429.JPG (2)

Mini Professional Tote from the same line of fabrics.


IMG_0431.JPG (2)

Petrillo Bag with our Downton Abbey Collection.


IMG_0434.JPG (2)

January Runner from Runners Rock by Gathering Friends – we are doing a runner of the month at the shop.


IMG_0428.JPG (2)

Snug as a Bug boys quilts – these are so popular – variety of textures and fabrics for lots of fun!


IMG_0427.JPG (2)

And a girls version, complete with a touch of soft corduroy.


IMG_0433.JPG (2)

These are for some fun with strips and a new product – three fun bags to try!


IMG_0430.JPG (2)

I’d Be Quilting – project bag with Tula Pink fabrics.



IMG_0421.JPG (2)

I am working on this – it is a Bonnie Hunter Celtic Soltice Mystery and of course I lost my mind a little when I decided to do the KING SIZE!!!  Only have 2 steps done of 5 thus far…

And I am having fun trying our one of the new 7 Series machines at home – I may just keep this for company along side my 880 – it is a gem to sew with and the dual feed is sublime!


IMG_0435.JPG (2)

Bernina 710

So there you have it.  Now it is like writing down a goal, when you write it you are more likely to get it done.  So check back from time to time – I will try and post (weekly??) to let you know my progress and FINISHED projects!

What is in YOUR QUILTING QUEUE for 2014??

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meet Megan | A New Pinecone!

Hello fellow Pinecones! My name is Megan Bohr and I'm excited to be joining the Pine Needles Quilt & Sew team as the Sales Manager. I LOVE sewing & quilting and can't wait to share my passion with all of you!

While I'm new to Rochester, MN, this actually isn't my first time as a Pinecone. I was lucky enough to work with Marcia, Suzie, & Connie in both the Cresco and Decorah stores through high school & college. Since then, my love for sewing & quilting has continued to grow! I have started a blog and pattern company, Canoe Ridge Creations, designed patterns for Quilty magazine, and most recently, joined the BERNINA We All Sew team as a sewing expert. Starting in October I'll be sharing my love for modern quilting in a new two-part class called Modern with Megan -- you can sign up right here!

So stop in & say "Hello!" -- I can't wait to meet you all!

Happy Sewing,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Foundation Piecing - PNQS taking the plunge!

I have always been a fan of paper piecing - I even taught a beginners class of a little heart a couple years ago.  In the shop Cindy offered a wonderful class last winter of the quilt below - it was a popular class and folks have been asking for more, more, more... 

 I have always dreamed of doing something like this:

                                                 or this!  At Quilt Market we entered the Judy Neimeyer Quilting booth.........   all three of us were stopped dead in our tracks - we were amazed.  After a bit a very nice gal came up to us and asked us to sit down - - after visiting for a bit we were hooked...

Now enter Julie Arrowood, a certified Quiltworx instructor.  She graced us with a visit to the shop last week and brought many samples and again, they about took our breath away.  We had a great time with her and put dates on the calendar to offer 4 Saturday classes this fall :)  She is a wonderful person and I have heard a very talented (and patient) instructor!
Glacier Star !!!   Julie will guide all of us beginning with fabric selection, she says they really are not that hard and once you get the concepts, you can make ANYTHING!

The center star is step one.

Each of the pictures below is another step on the journey...

Below is another colorway of the same quilt - Julie has been teaching this quilt for several years and she says again, I repeat, "if we can do this we can do ANYTHING!!!"  Oh, we can hardly wait!
We now have these patterns in the shop (and Connie is putting in our online store tomorrow :))

 Also coming soon - digitized quilting designs for Quiltworx patterns - Very exciting!!!

 We are so super excited about this Connie and I have enrolled to go to a Quilting Retreat for shop owners in Montana next year to become a certified shop!

So many new adventures - won't you join us?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A little TLC for self-healing cutting mats

Self-healing cutting mat….a hero in your sewing studio.


The self-healing rotary cutting mats are a tool no quilter can do without. The surface of self-healing mats will “heal” or close after cutting with a sharp rotary cutter blade, leaving no visible slice in the mat. Following are some tips that will make your cutting experience even better.

·       Lay mats perfectly FLAT when traveling to retreat or for storage, mats warp easily especially in a hot car and distortion is sometimes permanent.

·       Keep mats out of direct sunlight if possible.

·       Do not roll cutting mats.

·       Replace when there are obvious signs of wear and tear or blades dull quickly even after cleaning your mat.

·       Directions to clean your mat: (recommended 2X per year)

·       Fill you bathtub with room temperature water (not hot, not warm, and not cold) add 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a squirt of dove dish soap for a good lather. Use a mushroom brush (soft bristle brush) and scrub the mat gently getting a good lather with the soap. Then rinse your mat with cool water getting all residues off the mat. Dry it with a soft cotton towel, or air dry with a towel underneath making sure it lays flat.

The materials used to make the self-healing properties do dry out after a period of time; this method allows the mat to absorb water making it supple again. This TLC “bath” makes your mat last longer along with an added benefit, it keeps your blades from dulling so quickly because you are cutting into a softer, cleaner surface.

There is a practical limit to the amount of slicing and dicing a cutting mat can take, like everything, eventually you will need to replace your mat.  When you begin to see visible marks and/or grooves on the surface it is probably time for a replacement.  Even if you aren’t seeing surface damage, you may notice that your blades are dulling quickly or you have to push harder on the rotary cutter, it is likely time for a new mat.


Self-healing cutting mat care – now you know. J

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

San Fransisco - a great place to visit...

Last week my daughter Suzie and I traveled to San Fransisco - it was very beautiful to visit, but there is no place like home...

The weather was wonderful while we were there and we did get to do a bit of sight seeing, including a ride on the San Fransisco Belle to see the Golden Gate Bridge up close and a view of Alcatraz from the boat, a short trip down Fisherman's Wharf.  We were focused on our classes and seminars...

Above is Suzie with CEO of Bernina and the NEW Bernina 880 - it has so many new and wonderful features, internal color wheel, stitch designer, shaping tools plus a new touchscreen with over 1700 stitches built in! Add jumbo bobbin, faster speed, size. Bernina dual feed and stitch regulator - plus SEW MUCH MORE!  Arriving in our shop this fall!  Stay tuned!

Fourth generation owner of Bernina - Bernina remains the ONLY family owned sewing machine company that still manufactures their own machines.  Fine Swiss craftsmanship, made to last with pride, performance and passion.  Superior quality goes into each and every one!

Mr. Paul Ashworth, president of Bernina of America, presenting new products and vision....
Below, another taste of the city, the huge event San Fransisco Pride Parade.  Definitely a new experience for us...  We watched for about and hour, this parade was over 4 hours long and truly a rainbow mix of culture, sights and sounds...

Waiting at the airport for the flight home...
There's no place like home
There's no place like home
       There's no place like home.......

Monday, June 24, 2013

In the quilting queue...

Busy times - we just got back from a wonderful family vacation!
Yes, I do take a sewing machine on vacation with me!  I tend to get a bit stir crazy, especially if it is a rainy day.  I LOVE to go in the boat for leisurely ride but I do not like to fish  - so while some of the gang go fishing, I stay behind with some of the others that feel the same, mostly the little ones.  They explore and play and I sewed from the screened in porch.  It was great!
Below are a couple of quilts I made for the upcoming QUILT MN.  They are wrinkled from coming home in our much too full suitcase, I will press today and get them off to Lucy at O2B.  One is made with 2.5 inch strips and the other is a new variation of Turning 20.  Watch for a later post of the finished creations.

This is a great quilt with Stonhenge Aphrodite.  Wouldn't you know it I am SHORT for the last piece of mitered border.  Went into the shop and the entire bolt is already GONE!  Connie to the rescue ordering another bolt for me and YOU!

Here is August Patchability - available for pickup July 1.  Have to complete with applique and quilting.  The applique will make it look much better as all of the details of the lemons will be highlighted.

Snapsacks were so popular a couple of our years ago at both of our shops - you have been asking for these and our friend Joan Ford at Hummingbird Highway has some really cute ones.  This summer watermelon is going to be so cute! small quick to finish quilts kits with everything included except batting - once this is finished you can pick up in the shop or online!

 After a VERY LONG WINTER here in Minnesota - summer is finally off and running.  Enjoy, it always goes too, too quickly by!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Artsy Bag by Pat Bravo for WeAllSew and a PNQS version!

The Artsy Bag by Pat Bravo for WeAllSew

There are no flowers blooming outside here in Minnesota yet - however, our dear friend and "pinecone" Lois made her own version of flowers on this cute bag!  She followed Pat's great tutorial (well almost, she used her own creativity as well!) for a beautiful and useful finished project.

Link up above for the step by step printable instructions.


The Artsy Bag by Pat Bravo for WeAllSew

The Artsy Bag by Pat Bravo for WeAllSew #diy #free project #tutorial #sew #purse #bag #freemotion
Floral impressions meet practicality. Stitch up this special purse and treat yourself to a great fashion add-on, a perfect canvas for free-motion stitching or any type of embellishment. Let your artistic side out of the bag.
Useful has never been so beautiful.
The_Artsy_Purse_by_Pat_Bravo_for_WeAllSew.pdf (2.3 MiB, 3,937 hits)
Visit Pat Bravo at her Soulful Eyes blog:

 Lois' bag with a crisp white texture and bright flowers.
 Ready for some SUNSHINE :)