Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Mystery Quilt 2011!


P2060027Sarah has been to every single Superbowl Mystery Quilt Class for the last 6 years!

P2060028Linda joined us from very far away!  We are so fortunate that her son is attending Luther College so we can see her fairly often!

P2060029Teresa was stitchin’ away on her trusty featherweight!

P2060030Ardie “claims” to not be a “presser” anymore, but I CAUGHT HER!


P2060032Marcia was working on a quilt for our upcoming Spring Across the Border Shop Hop.

P2060033Jill had a great day – she didn’t even sew anything wrong this year!  Winking smile

P2060034THE BEST PART!  We love how everyone’s is so different!

Mystery Solved…

Tradewinds by Mountainpeek Creations

Don’t miss it next year - great food, friends, and fun!

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  1. It was fun last year too, when every stitched piece was put together backwards. But more fun and less frustrating when things are going well!! Thanks to all the gals, Marsha and Suzie too. Great time.