Saturday, March 5, 2011

Racine VIP–March 4 & 5, 2011

So...for those of you that have been attending VIP, you know the deal.  When you make a bag or purse and bring it to show, Marcia rummages through it.  This has always been very unnerving to me (Suzie), because what if someone has something very personal inside? have been warned...LEAVE IT IN THE CAR!  :)  It all began with her checking out all the bells and whistles of each bag - purses, zippers, key fobs, etc.  Then, she began finding chocolate and asking if it was for her.  Soon, it caught on and now she can usually score about 5-6 chocolate goodies out of each VIP session.  She loves it, and truly, I do as well!  So much fun!  Well today, VIP began just like any other. 

Bags came in, were oohed and aahed over, she dug for chocolate, she found it. Life is good! 
Then "IT" probably heard us laughing from where ever you were!

 The looks on her face really say it all! 
Here's her loot from Saturday...
This begs the question, "Did you start something here?"  YIKES!

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