Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rain for the midwest....ahhhh

Tom and I live on a farm on the MN/IA border.  Our son, Justin, farms together with his Dad. Suzie and I own PNQS together.  We all live within a few miles of each other and we all share the ups and downs, joys and discomforts of our collective life experiences and family events.

The extreme lack of rain has been at the top of our prayer list for weeks.  Last week we got the enough rain to at least give the crops a chance.
This morning we woke to another gentle rain.  We are grateful for answered prayer.
Just felt I needed to share that with you our dear quilting friends :).

I am working from home for a couple of days putting the new calenders together for the shops and working on some of the projects for our NEW exciting classes.

Many of you have asked for clothing classes.  Funny thing, I grew up making clothes, you see, way back then it was cheaper to sew your own clothing than to buy ready made. Can any of you relate????

Later, when I had babies and toddlers of my own, I made most of their clothing as well, including the one piece footed pajamas with a zipper from the neck down to the toes and the gripper stuff on the foot bottoms! 

Cindy Taylor Oates has been a pattern designer that I discovered long ago, in a quilt shop! 

The New Camp Shirt, has some great options to dress it up or down!  Love it!

  • These great shirts can be made of the great fabrics available in the shop.

  • Lots of options make it a pattern you can use again and again.
PNQS will offer quarterly classes at both shops called "Wear That!"  These are not going to be tailoring classes, just fun, less fitted items with some options on construction to make it your own!

And yes, the facilitator will be me :) 

I promise no zippers from neck to toe or making sleepers.

:)  :)

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  1. Sew That will be offered in both shops the first part of October. See the samples at Fall Class Preview and sign up, August 24-Decorah, August 25-Rochester!