Friday, July 19, 2013

Foundation Piecing - PNQS taking the plunge!

I have always been a fan of paper piecing - I even taught a beginners class of a little heart a couple years ago.  In the shop Cindy offered a wonderful class last winter of the quilt below - it was a popular class and folks have been asking for more, more, more... 

 I have always dreamed of doing something like this:

                                                 or this!  At Quilt Market we entered the Judy Neimeyer Quilting booth.........   all three of us were stopped dead in our tracks - we were amazed.  After a bit a very nice gal came up to us and asked us to sit down - - after visiting for a bit we were hooked...

Now enter Julie Arrowood, a certified Quiltworx instructor.  She graced us with a visit to the shop last week and brought many samples and again, they about took our breath away.  We had a great time with her and put dates on the calendar to offer 4 Saturday classes this fall :)  She is a wonderful person and I have heard a very talented (and patient) instructor!
Glacier Star !!!   Julie will guide all of us beginning with fabric selection, she says they really are not that hard and once you get the concepts, you can make ANYTHING!

The center star is step one.

Each of the pictures below is another step on the journey...

Below is another colorway of the same quilt - Julie has been teaching this quilt for several years and she says again, I repeat, "if we can do this we can do ANYTHING!!!"  Oh, we can hardly wait!
We now have these patterns in the shop (and Connie is putting in our online store tomorrow :))

 Also coming soon - digitized quilting designs for Quiltworx patterns - Very exciting!!!

 We are so super excited about this Connie and I have enrolled to go to a Quilting Retreat for shop owners in Montana next year to become a certified shop!

So many new adventures - won't you join us?