Friday, November 28, 2014

I love a good mystery...

Several years ago another shop owner introduced me to Bonnie Hunter - a quilter extraordinaire who specializes in scrappy quilts and using up scraps.

Her annual mysteries have been going on for several years - last year was the first time I gave it a whirl.  

It was fun and I worked hard to keep up with the "clues" each week.

Of course the holidays got in the way of some of my sewing...

I did get "most" of everything made week after week.

Then the big reveal....  so much excitement!  

I had to put together the two blocks just to see how mine would look!

And here it is still....

Will I finish this??   Absolutely!

When will I finish???   TBD

None the less, I am again ready for the game to begin again - our first clue came out this morning.

Printed copy in hand and ready to cut....

Bonnie says it is a quicker, easier one this year....

Maybe I can finish both :)

Grand Illusions Quiltville Winter Mystery Quilt

Ready or not......


  1. At least you have your fabric chosen. I pulled my Kaye England rulers and will choose fabric later tonight. Last year I used colors very similar to Bonnie's and the quilt turned out VERY nice. Enjoy the challenge!

    1. So many things to do .... so little time :)

  2. I enjoy a good challenge too.lets go :)