Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Book Signing in Decorah

Every Barn Tells a Story

Creating memories and sharing stories ...... one barn at a time

A barn. A quilt. Now, put the two together and what do you get? A quilt barn, of course!  

In 1989 Donna Sue Groves, Manchester, Ohio, and her mother moved from West Virginia to an Adams County farm with an uninteresting tobacco barn on the property. One day, Donna Sue promised her mother - - a fifth generation quilter and a master quilter - - that she would paint a single quilt block on the side of the barn. That would perk it up nicely. From this humble beginning, it's estimated that more than 3,200 painted quilt blocks decorate barns in 32 states. Quilt barns, like seeds growing in farm fields, they're popping up all over.

Ann Zemke and Diane Entrikin, Every Barn Tells a Story authors,present details about the quilt barn phenomenon -- now the Quilt Trail -- in a 45 minute program. Listen as they share captivating stories through the blocks of their unique sampler quilts. Some of the stories are about barns, some are about quilts, and some are just for fun. Then, enjoy a show of their creative sewing projects including aprons, small quilts, table toppers, embroidered and appliqu├ęd dishtowels, and a cross stitch barn. You'll find inspiration in the projects they designed and the stories they share. You may even decide to paint a quilt block of your own.

Ann Zemke has had a sewing needle in her hand since she learned to stitch with yarn on cardboard sewing cards. She learned to use a sewing machine at age four. Today she would much rather piece quilts and sew than anything, except maybe breathe. Her life is much like a quilt of very different patches. Ann was born in Minneapolis, raised in Robbinsdale (Minnesota) and graduated from the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, with a BS in Home Economics. After a three-decade career diversion (insurance and risk management), she founded Crocus Lane Quilts-a storytelling, quilt making and quilt restoration business. Ann authored They Named Me Marjorie: The brave journey of an orphan train rider about her grandmother, Marjorie Peterson. Audiences across the United States have experienced Marjorie's orphan train story through Ann's speaking engagements, illustrated with a quilt she created to perpetuate her grandmother's story. Ann lives in Blaine, Minnesota, with her husband Craig-and a quilt in every room.

Every Barn Tells a StoryDiane Entrikin created her first sewing pattern from an outline she penciled around her Barbie doll. Then she fashioned a stylish doll wardrobe using a sewing kit she kept in a convenient-and portable-plastic bag. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Diane studied commercial art at Minneapolis Area Vocational Technical School, then worked in the art department at General Mills. Now, quilt design and construction spark her creativity, but the fun really begins when she shares her talents through quilt making instruction. Diane believes firmly in precision piecing, admitting she may have become fanatical about accuracy after she sewed a Nearly Insane! quilt: several six inch blocks contain 100 pieces, and one block has over 200. Diane lives in Corcoran, Minnesota, with her husband John-and a substantial fabric stash that improves their home insulation factor. Their three children have flown the coop, but grandchildren Tyler, Anika and Josiah bring her endless joy,and Charlie the dog keeps her company while she sews.

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