Friday, October 28, 2011

PNQS Cresco Outlet Store

PNQS - Cresco Outlet - Such fun and warm memories!
IMAG0299Connie, Suzie and Marcia spent a couple of days in Cresco at the "flagship" location!
IMAG0300We had a grand time dusting off the cobwebs and reminiscing about wonderful and fun times!
IMAG0301Even more fun was "outfitting" the quilt shop once again!
IMAG0302So many beautiful pieces.
IMAG0303Seasonal, traditional, brights and modern.  We have it all!
IMAG0304WE LOVE the quilts but, alas, our homes are full and new fabric, patterns and books continue to grace our shops and we keep the Bernina's humming......
IMAG0305We have stunning batik quilts and runners.
IMAG0306Baby, baby - at these prices you can pick up several "just in case!"
IMAG0307More kids and babu
IMAG0308And even MORE for the little ones.
IMAG0309The back room is a maze of quilts - a sight to behold.
IMAG0310Christmas gifts on your list - hmmmmmm, will they even know if you made them....... or not????
IMAG0311So many quilts, we were amazed when we got them all together in one place!
IMAG0312Lots of piecing - lots of love went into these.
IMAG0313Bright and beautiful.
IMAG0314We have a men's quilt section too! 
IMAG0315Lots of selections for the guy on your list!
IMAG0317Here is the doorway to the backroom - overflowing
IMAG0319Up the steps.
IMAG0320This is going to be our minkee quilt area - still in progress...
IMAG032130"s anyone?
IMAG0322Here is the beginning of our work -
IMAG0323We still have more work to do but even so it is breathtaking to see!
IMAG0324The old book room - now beginning to fill up with baby items...
IMAG0326Just like old times - the windows decorated and inviting YOU in!
IMAG0327Chistmas at Pine Needles!
IMAG0328Come on it!
IMAG0329Get a jump on your Holiday sewing - these are DONE!
IMAG0330Amy Butler and modern things for the young and young at heart.
IMAG0332Mark the date - November 10 - 11 - 12 - 13.   And we have PNQS Cresco Collector project bags for the first 15 in the doors each day!!!   Can't wait to see you back in Cresco for this awesome event!


  1. Oh my gosh - I forgot to tell you there will be some great bargins on used sewing machines - including a BERNINA 830!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We will be open 10-3 Thursday - Saturday and 12-4 on Sunday!

  3. Do you have patterns or kits for Amy Butler's quilts that are pictures in you display window?

  4. Kay - we do not. These are all retired shop samples. They patterns we could probably special order for you, but the kits are definately gone.

  5. WOW, when you said you had alot of quilts you weren't kidding.


  6. Looks great, Ladies! I can't wait to come check it out! But it makes me miss working at the Cresco store. :) Let me know if you need an extra hand!

  7. That would be a blast from the past :)!!! What are you doing next Thursday??

  8. OMG!!! How spetacular! What fantastic use of past store projects and your Cresco space. I'm sure this was great fun arranging all the colors and patterns. Any thoughts of staying a retail store and consign from others?? Debi Judy

  9. Thanks Debi! The building is for sale, but that is a great idea! We will see how it goes, we are tossing around several ideas..... we will keep everyone informed :)

  10. Looks awesome. You did a great job. Can't wait to see it.